bullet journaling

i started dabbling into bullet journaling last year. i was really intrigued with the idea, so i started looking at youtube videos back in 2017. but as i kept watching these bullet journal videos, they were getting more and more confusing. key codes? alignments? page tracker? like, why does planning have to be so damn complicated? so i gave up wanting to even start bullet journaling and ended up settling for a regular planner. however, as 2017 was coming to an end, i realized that the planner that i had didn’t have enough room for me to be creative or write down whatever it was i wanted to write. only then did i decide to give this whole bullet journaling thing another chance — that’s when i discovered a youtuber named amandarachlee. she is a canadian youtuber who is known for her doodles and bullet journaling ideas. she made it really easy for me to understand the concept of bullet journaling, which inspired me to get my very first bullet journal: the leuchtturm1917 a5 dotted notebook in black (i would post photos of my planner but it’s in a box somewhere).

fast forward to september 2018: i’ve been bullet journaling for 9 months and have been dedicated to it thus far. however, i start getting busy as i received a promotion at my job and i don’t have enough time to create layouts and pages the way i want it to. by december, i’ve pretty much abandoned my lechtturm1917 and so i decided that my next bullet journal would need to be more time-efficient.

i looked up all types of planners on amazon and google to no avail. they were either too flashy and colorful or way too plain. i almost gave up, but then i stumbled upon bullet journals by a brand called ‘scribbles that matter’.


i found them via amazon and saw that they make pre-designed bullet journals. this is exactly what i needed. i’m a reviews-type of person, meaning i read reviews for anything and everything. for the most part, they had very good reviews, so i ended up purchasing.

the vegan leather is very nice and the planner itself is very sturdy. i like how they already have the entire bullet journal mapped out for you so you don’t have to worry about counting dots/lines and taking forever to plan out your pages. if you want to get crazy with markers and pens but worried about bleeding, they have a pen test page dedicated to trying out different art supplies. it has been very convenient for me — all i have to do is fill out my schedule/blank pages with things i need without having to do all the tedious work. although they have set pages for every month, they also provide blank pages so you can do whatever and write whatever you’d like. for me, i use those blank pages for things like budget tracking, goals, brain dumping, etc. each month has a drawing for that month: for april, it’s a rabbit.


when i think of april, i think of spring and easter, so i decided to use a pale yellow tombow pen as the color of the month. as you can see, the habit tracker is all laid out for you, so all you need to do is fill out what kind of habits you’d like to track for the month. (note: i took these photos prior to filling out for personal privacy reasons, obvi.)

i don’t think there are many cons to this specific bullet planner. i will say that the pages aren’t as thick as i’d like them to be, so there is some bleeding. but, that doesn’t really bother me. also, the monthly and weekly spreadsheets are the exact same, so if you’re someone who likes variety, then you might not like this. personally, i like consistency, so this part isn’t a con for me.


all in all, i highly recommend this planner if you don’t have a lot of time to sit down and plan. it’s fast, easy and efficient. i love staying organized and one of the main reasons why i started journaling/planning is so that i can maintain that. it’s satisfying to see all the things you need to do for the day and be able to cross them out once they’ve been completed - it helps me to stay productive when i need to.

does anyone else bullet journal or thought about starting?

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amandarachlee - youtube

scribbles that matter - instagram

leuchtturm1917 hard cover medium a5 dotted notebook - $19.95 (black is n/a)

scribbles that matter a5 bullet planner - $22.99