why i decided to start blogging.


this isn’t a decision i made on impulse. in fact, this is something that i’ve been thinking about doing for a couple of years. it didn’t really feel right up until earlier this year where i felt extremely motivated to do something different.

i wanted a space where i could speak my mind on different topics, whether it be beauty, fashion, or whatever else. quite often, i get asked numerous questions on my style, makeup, recommendations and other things. i thought it would be great to just put it out there for anyone to see, to help others learn and to learn from others as well. starting a blog will help me get more creative and push me to stop being a hardcore procrastinator. i don’t ever want to be completely comfortable in life and i feel like blogging will help me challenge myself. i’m always down for a challenge, whether it be in life or work.

i’m an introvert, so i believe blogging will give me the creative outlet that i need without being extremely awkward talking in front of a camera. i’m hoping to be able to overcome my awkwardness as i’ll be putting myself out there for people to read and see - which will also help me in my real life.

i’m excited for this new chapter of my life, but also somewhat anxious and nervous. however, i’m extremely grateful for having such an amazing group of supportive friends and family who’ve made this decision a lot easier.

so enjoy, and i hope to connect with so many of you out there. xx