my brow essentials.

i wanted my very first post to be about something that has a very special place in my heart (and face) - my eyebrows. when i was younger, it was an insecurity of mine because my natural brows are light and sparse. i would get made fun of and i’d be jealous of anyone with amazing eyebrows; however, i’ve learned to accept the fact that this is a part of me. i didn’t start dabbling with the idea of drawing in my brows until i was about 21 years old; i didn’t really care for makeup when i was growing up.

the way i draw in my brows is something that i take pride in now. i receive a lot of compliments and many people don’t think i do much to them - little do they know it takes me upwards of 5-7 minutes to create them because of how sparse my brows are. believe me - it wasn’t always this way. when i started drawing in my brows and dabbling with the idea of makeup, i watched a lot of korean makeup tutorials and most korean people draw them more straight than arched. my sister would be so annoyed with me and would constantly tell me to “put some f*ing arch on those brows,” but i wouldn’t listen to her. at that time, no one could tell me anything about my brows! now i look back at photos from that time and I cringe so. hard.

i’ve gone through and tested different types of brow products throughout the years, but these are my current tried and true. i always try to have backups of these products in my makeup drawer at all times. i don’t ever want what i call a code red, which is when i’ve ran out of my brow products and i can’t finish drawing them in. i’ve gotten extremely close to a full-on code red twice and that kind of anxiety is something i don’t need to have in my life, haha.


anastasia beverly hills - brow wiz (medium brown)
this product is cruelty-free and vegan.
i’ve been using abh brow products ever since i started drawing in my brows. i started with using the abh perfect brow pencil because at the time, i wasn’t confident enough to use any pomades or anything else. i used the brow pencil for a couple of years until i realized i wanted something a little more natural-looking; the brow pencil has more of a waxy formula and you have to sharpen it all the time. i have not looked back since i decided to try the brow wiz. it’s a slim, retractable pencil that is great for details and filling in. although it still has a wax formula, it’s very subtle and doesn’t bother me at all. now, i use this to outline my brow before going in with the next step.

benefit cosmetics - goof proof brow pencil (#5)
i was hesitant to veer away from abh because it worked so well for me, but i decided to try something different. this product is very similar to the abh brow definer, but i like the triangular shape of the pencil rather than the round of abh brow definer. i tried to use this by itself at first, but because my brows are sparse, it was looking a little messy. that’s why after outlining with the abh brow wiz, i use this to fill in my brows. did i mention that this formula is also waterproof?!

glossier - boy brow (brown)
this product is cruelty-free.
this is one of my holy grail brow gels. i tried a lot of different brow gels before, but this is the one that has stayed with me for years. i’ve tried abh brow gel, both clear and brown but the wand is too long for me to work with. i used to use the brow gel from eyeko, which i really loved, but it was difficult to repurchase at the time (probably around 4-5 years ago; it’s now on ulta). currently, i have 2 extra backups of the glossier boy brow in my makeup drawer. i love this product so much - the wand is cute and short making it extremely easy to work with and get all your brow hairs to stay in place. i’ve also used boy brow by itself when i want to make a quick run to the grocery store and don’t feel like drawing in my brows for a 10 minute trip.

if you guys would like to see a step-by-step tutorial of how i draw in my brows, let me know!


anastasia beverly hills brow wiz - $21

benefit cosmetics goof proof brow pencil - $24

glossier boy brow - $16